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Kilaueu Volcano alert – Hawaii

Hawaii now has a Red Alert for it’s Kilaueu Volcano (click here for pronunciation). You can also get current scientific monitoring updates from this website, rather then wait for media updates. You can also subscribe to notifications – I did!

Click here for current news article

Term 2, 2018 – Geography Knowledge & Skills 

Sometimes games can teach us exactly what we need to learn: world countries & capital cities, flags, mountains, rivers, landmarks, sports, world currency, biomes, as well as teaching: problem solving, comprehension and character profiling, am/pm time and more.

Thankfully the 1989 classic Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is still available online to play. Good luck Detectives!


Learning about Local Government

Warrnambool Mayor Kylie Gaston came out to visit us at Woodford this week, to tell us about what the Warrnambool City Council does and answered a plethora of questions. Thanks for coming in and speaking to us!

Sovereign Hill Pictures – Camp 2016

IMG_1398 IMG_1395 IMG_1401 IMG_5794 IMG_5797 IMG_1404 IMG_1403 IMG_1399 IMG_5796 IMG_5792 IMG_1411 IMG_1400 IMG_1416 IMG_1409 IMG_1427 IMG_1434 IMG_1393 IMG_1397 IMG_1435 IMG_1429 IMG_1419 IMG_1394 IMG_5793 IMG_5795 IMG_1392 IMG_1414 IMG_1389 IMG_1372 IMG_1369 IMG_5829 IMG_1367 IMG_5836 IMG_1380 IMG_1377 IMG_1366 IMG_1378 IMG_5828 IMG_1385 IMG_5840 IMG_5839 IMG_1342 IMG_1347 IMG_1344 IMG_5818 IMG_5815 IMG_5813 IMG_5808 IMG_5806 IMG_5805 IMG_5803 IMG_5800 IMG_5799 IMG_5798 IMG_5797 IMG_5796 IMG_5795 IMG_5794 IMG_5793 IMG_5792 IMG_1434 IMG_1435 IMG_1429 IMG_1427 IMG_1419 IMG_1414 IMG_1404 IMG_1403 IMG_1400 IMG_1397 IMG_1399 IMG_1394 IMG_1393 IMG_1347 IMG_1380 IMG_1377 IMG_1358 IMG_1351 IMG_1359 IMG_1376 IMG_1372 IMG_1342 IMG_1336 IMG_1354 IMG_1375 IMG_1369 IMG_1344 IMG_1350 IMG_1385 IMG_1356 IMG_1389 IMG_1360 IMG_1352 IMG_1363 IMG_1367 IMG_1366 IMG_1371

Sovereign Hill – navigation and awareness

We don’t want anybody getting lost next week, so have a look at this interactive map and figure out or find where you really want to visit. Your teacher might ask you to navigate to the next activity…so be ready!

Sovereign Hill – Interactive Map

If you want a bit more history/information about each key building at Sovereign Hill, click on this link

Historical Tour and Information – Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill – Costume School Letters

We will be attending the Costume School at Sovereign Hill. To make the most of our experience there, we will write letters to notify the school of our arrival.

Costume School letters link

Famous Australians – How have they changed Australia?

We made this video to visualise a timeline, showing the subjects of our Famous Australian research. We are currently writing a 2-3min oral presentation on each one.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (1989)

Can you think of an online activity that helps us learn all the following: countries, capital cities, national flags, historically significant items & events, national currencies, country exports/commodities, national landmarks, mountain ranges, rivers, country-specific animals, types of government/leaders, national sports…as well as problem solving, am/pm time and character profiling? No? Then I suggest you play the ms-dos version of 1989 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? You’ll find it difficult not to learn something!

Science Week 2015

The topic is ‘light’ and we are making solar powered boats! I suggest you read and research all you can on solar powered boats before Thursday…as knowledge of the different designs and styles would be a HUGE advantage!

Term 1, 2015

We are going to start exploring our family history, including: surname origins, crests/logos and relatives. Here are some generic websites to help you out:

House of Names 

Names of Great Britain

Search for Ancestors

In Term 4, 2014, we are looking at GOLD! Eureka!!!!

Check out this video to hone your skills before camp.

Science Waterwheel videos! Term 3 2014.


Waterwheel videos

Yakko’s ‘Countries of the World’ song


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