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Integrated Studies

Week 8 – The Eureka Stockade Story

For this lesson use ‘The Eureka Stockade Story’ handout in your packs.

It gives a short overview of the Eureka Stockade event, along with extra details on key individuals.

Colour in the pictures and cut along the dotted lines.

This activity will also help you with your reading activity on Friday, so keep it safe…

Week 7 – Gold Panning methods

This week we should be on camp at Sovereign Hill. Watch these two videos to learn the proper
method of gold panning. They still use the techniques that 1850’s miners would have used.
Gold Panning with Digger Mat & How to pan for gold.

How are the two videos different/similar?

Week 6 – Gold Rush Game

What was it like in the 1860’s goldfields? How were the: British, Chinese, police troopers & women treated? Play this Gold Rush Game as all 4 characters and find out if they were all treated the same.

Week 6 Gold Rush Game

Week 5 Info Report Planning – BTN videos (research)

BTN – The Gold Rush

BTN – Chinese Migration

BTN – The Eureka Stockade

Week 5 Focus Lesson – mining for gold in Ballarat

# Don’t skip through the information – LISTEN TO IT, especially the little girl. Click on her again to repeat what she said (if you didn’t hear all of it)

# Click on the ‘View Map’ sign in the town to select the type of mining you will undertake. This also needs to happen before you can buy supplies in the General Store.

# Don’t forget to buy everything you need before going to the ‘gold fields’, but you don’t have to buy everything…

# You can keep mining after each month, just buy more supplies and keep going! Send your teacher screenshots of how much gold you can find…good luck!


Week 4 Focus Lesson


Location of Victorian ‘Gold Field’ sites

I know that many students included other ‘gold fields’ in Australia on their maps. This map gives you an idea if you’re on target with the Victorian sites, as they’re going to be explored in more detail this term. You can see why they call it the ‘Golden Triangle’ in Victoria…

ANZAC Day activities – download and enjoy

ANZAC activities 

ANZAC free activities – Twinkle

ANZAC activities – TS

Instruments from around the world

Click here to watch the video

Gold Rush Game

Play the game and find out if you strike it rich on the Ballarat Goldfields!

Click here for the ‘older version’ of the NMA gold rush interactive.

Kilaueu Volcano alert – Hawaii

Hawaii now has a Red Alert for it’s Kilaueu Volcano (click here for pronunciation). You can also get current scientific monitoring updates from this website, rather then wait for media updates. You can also subscribe to notifications – I did!

Click here for current news article

 Geography Knowledge & Skills 

Sometimes games can teach us exactly what we need to learn: world countries & capital cities, flags, mountains, rivers, landmarks, sports, world currency, biomes, as well as teaching: problem solving, comprehension and character profiling, am/pm time and more.

Thankfully the 1989 classic Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? is still available online to play. Good luck Detectives!

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (1989)

Can you think of an online activity that helps us learn all the following: countries, capital cities, national flags, historically significant items & events, national currencies, country exports/commodities, national landmarks, mountain ranges, rivers, country-specific animals, types of government/leaders, national sports…as well as problem solving, am/pm time and character profiling? No? Then I suggest you play the ms-dos version of 1989 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? You’ll find it difficult not to learn something!

Family History

We are going to start exploring our family history, including: surname origins, crests/logos and relatives. Here are some generic websites to help you out:

House of Names 

Names of Great Britain

Search for Ancestors

Sovereign Hill Ballarat Camp

We are learning about GOLD! Eureka!!!!

Check out this video to hone your skills before camp.

Science Waterwheel videos! Term 3 2014.


Waterwheel videos

Yakko’s ‘Countries of the World’ song


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