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Chinese page updates


Click on the Chinese/L.O.T.E tab for some new videos. We’ve added a few extra phrases to practice before our lessons resume…time to dust off the cobwebs!

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It’s time for a good ‘belly laugh’


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Info Report planning – BTN videos


BTN – The Gold Rush

BTN – Chinese Migration

BTN – The Eureka Stockade

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Week 5 activities added (LC4)


The activities to begin Week 5 are ready to go, please navigate to the correct page to find the correct activity.

Our work in the Resilience Project student journal continues. This week’s activity is Lesson 3 – Emotions are Essential.

RESILIENCE lesson week 5

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Dolly’s Dream


Please check the link out why we are wearing blue today – for Dolly’s Day, and why it’s important to be kind to our friends.

Do It For Dolly Day

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Chinese language videos


Check out the Chinese/L.O.T.E page for videos to help you practice our phrases! Who’s been practicing? Are you getting better?

Ni shi na guo ren?

Wo shi ao da li ya ren!

Hen hao!

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Extra Resources on Blog


Check the following tab/pages above for extra resources

  • Chinese phrases under ‘LOTE/Chinese’
  • Wellbeing and mindfulness resources under ‘GEM/Big Life’
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Learning Cycle 2 (Week 3) Planner = links


The links on the 5/6 Learning Cycle 2 Planner may not be working correctly…but all resources, videos and materials linked on our planner will be available on THIS blog. Please navigate to the correct page using the tabs above.

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Learning Cycle 2 (Week 3)


Please look on the specific pages by subject, using the tabs above, when looking for activity resources.

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Term 2 begins…welcome to flexible and remote learning!


Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a nice Easter Holidays. This blog will be Ground Zero for any additional learning tasks, websites & videos to assist with those supplied in your Grade 5/6 Learning Packs. That means students from Grades 5/6C, 5/6B & 5/6L will all be using this blog.

You do NOT have to check this blog EVERY DAY.

This blog also has multiple pages located on the top and side menus, to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. Any links or videos to help explain the learning tasks provided in your Learning Packs will be AT THE TOP of these pages. For example, any extra help or assistance we think you might need for Math/Numeracy will be on that page – at the top.

I’ve also left some ‘old stuff’ on here for you to look at, if you’re curious (yes, it’s a bit blank because I deleted a lot of old stuff off here, but it will fill up again very quickly this term…)

If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask your classroom teacher on SeeSaw. As Mrs D always told us – ‘The only silly question is the one you don’t ask’

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