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FriYay focus lesson = money & subtraction of decimals (cont.)

Please complete the last worksheet in your pack, and try to finish any remaining activities. Please send a photo of your work using SeeSaw, if you want feedback from the teacher.

Thursday focus lesson = money & subtraction maths

Please complete the Thursday worksheet in your pack. Remember to send a photo of your work on SeeSaw.

Wednesday focus lesson = money & decimal maths

Have a go at the Wednesday math worksheet in your pack. Let your teacher know if you have any trouble with it.

Tuesday focus lesson = money/decimal maths

Please watch the video from Miss Hutchins, then complete the Tuesday activity in your pack.

Monday focus lesson = money/decimal maths

Please complete the worksheet in your pack.

Friday focus lesson = Grade 5/6 word problems

The teacher’s have finished collating all the Grade 5/6 word problems that were typed up on Thursday and sent to Mr Logan, Miss Hutchins & Ms Humphrys before 4pm.
This page of word problems will be posted on Seesaw as an ‘Activity’. You can access it through a web browser or app, by clicking between the ‘Journal’ and ‘Inbox’ menu buttons.

Your teacher will also show you where to find the word problems on Seesaw during our Webex check-in on Friday.

Please read these instructions carefully, or attend the Webex check-in, before asking your teacher where the questions can be found.

Thursday focus lesson = how to write word problems

Your challenge is to write 5 word problems for you classmates.
They must:
– Be subtraction problems
– require ‘2 steps’ to solve it
– all numbers used in the questions have 3-digits
– The ‘names’ used in the problem are Disney
characters, eg: Mickey Mouse, Mr Incredible

Please watch this video from Mr Logan BEFORE YOU START

After you have finished the 5 questions, please type up three of them as a ‘Note’ on SeeSaw and send them to your teacher.

Wednesday focus lessons = worded problems

Watch this video to help you understand how to solve worded problems using the C.U.B.E.S strategy.

Then, complete the Wednesday worksheet in your pack.

We also have a copy of the strategy to download – if you want. CUBES solving maths word problems – student handout

Tuesday focus lessons = worded problems

Watch this video from Mr Logan before you attempt the worksheet today.

We can use the C.U.B.E.S strategy to help us solve word problems.

Thursday focus lessons = missing subtrahend

Please watch the video from Miss Hutchins before you start this activity.

Wednesday focus lesson = subtrahends (cont.)

Missing Subtrahends using fact families
Using the problems on the worksheet in your pack, Show how you would solve these problems using a fact family. Remember we are looking for your use of strategy, not the right answer.

Instructions: Please draw a triangle and write the 4 fact family problems for each sum on your sheet.

Tuesday focus lesson = subtrahends (cont.)

Missing Subtrahends on a Numberline
Using the problems on the worksheet in your pack, show how you would solve these problems on a numberline. Remember we are looking for your use of strategy, not the right answer.

Here is another good video to watch on subtrahends

 Week 6 – Monday focus lesson = subtrahends

Missing Subtrahends on a Number line
Using the problems on the worksheet in your pack, Show how you would solve these problems on a number line. Remember we are looking for your use of strategy, not the right answer.

Please watch the video from Miss Hutchins below.

number line blank

Thursday focus lesson = subtracting 10, 100, 1000 & 10000

There is a worksheet in your pack to complete (there should be one left). Maths Sheet thursday Subtraction week 5

Miss Hutchins has also prepared a video for you to watch on subtracting decimals.

Wednesday focus lesson = subtracting 10, 100 & 1000

Watch the video and complete the worksheets from your pack

Ms Humphrys/Mr Logan group task – Maths Sheet Wednesday Subtraction Week 5

Miss Hutchins group task – Maths Sheet Wednesday subtraction Harder Week 5

Tuesday focus lesson = subtraction from 100 & 1000

Watch the video below, then complete the worksheet in you pack. We are also going back into ‘Maths Clubs’ for this task, so make sure you complete the correct activity.

Ms Humphrys subtraction worksheet

Mr Logan subtraction from 1000

Miss Hutchins subtraction worksheet

Monday (Week 5) focus lesson = subtraction tune-in

Here is the lesson worksheet to download, if necessary finding ten more and ten less worksheet

Friday focus lesson = creating a double line graph (2 data sets)

This task is very similar to yesterdays task. You will also use the exact same ‘dice roll data’ collected on Wednesday. Then you can compare the same dice roll data represented visually in two different ways = bar graphs and line graphs. Please use your feedback from Thursday to help you today: common feedback was = label both axis, make the graph a bit larger on the paper, don’t make the vertical axis too high, give the graph a title/heading etc.

Here is the extension activity on Pie Graphs = PieGraphsWorksheet

Thursday focus lesson = creating a double bar graph (2 data sets)

Please watch the video below, then use the dice roll data you gathered yesterday to create your own double bar graph

Wednesday focus lesson = gathering data for graphs

You are going to gather some data to make some bar graphs and line graphs later in the week.

You will need the dice we gave you, a pencil, and a sheet that looks like this graph data gathering table

You will also need to ask another family member to help you out, please ask them nicely.

Tuesday focus lesson – line graphs

graphing double line activity – click to download

The ‘fast version’ video – a quick refresher

The ‘long version’ video -> more detail and explanation is really good

Monday focus lesson – graphs

double bar graph activity sheet

how to use Google maps to plan a trip

how to read a calendar

how to read a timetable

Click here to find (and download) a copy of Warrnambool to Melbourne Train Timetable

This video below may also help you with this activity.

draw clocks

Reading Timetables

You may choose to do the worksheet below, or work on one from your pack.

Timetables Worksheet


Learning Cycle 1 – bonus math activities

nrich maths page

AU mathgames – grade 5 page

AU mathgames – grade 6 page

Timetable/Mapping Maths

Activity 1

Activity 2

Video 1

Term 2 Remote Learning videos

Calendars = Video 1 & video 2

Timetables = Video 1 & video 2

timetable 2020 weekly schedule 56L term 1 2020


Addition – this is the last week

Use addition to work out how much TV you watch using the Melbourne TV Guide

Adding fractions can be tough – use this online fraction wall to help you

Practicing Time – Matching analogue and digital clocks

3omins practice – stop the clock

15mins practice – stop the clock

5mins practice – stop the clock

1min practice – stop the clock

Subtracting Fractions

Watch this video and learn from the best in the business!



I can remember watching this guy on the TV when I was at Primary School. His brain works

faster then a calculator…and he actually races people that are using calculators!

Check out the video here

Division (& Statistics)

Factors and Multiples Game – Make the longest chain you can!

Factor Game – Beat the computer (if you can…)

$$ Money $$

Let’s spend some money! Wait…how much change should I get? Before you get flashy and fancy using currency from another country, get confident with Australian Dollars first!

Maths is Fun – Money Masters game

Place Value

All the fun stuff to begin the year: number lines, place value games, comparing number sizes and playing Yahtzee!

Fractions! (Hooray, my favourite!)

Here is a game to help you practice Factors and Multiples.

Angles (not angels!)

We’ve just started our topic on angles. Here is a great game that will test your knowledge and skills on them.

Tangled Web – Manga High

Time to go shopping??

Coles Catalogue activity – click here

Order of Operations

A good introduction to the order of operations process. The calculations are basic , this is because the focus is on completing the sum in the correct order.


New Shared Maths game – Integers Jeopardy!! Keep track of your high score!

Integers are just positive and negative numbers. But what happens when you subtract a negative number? Play this game to find out!


Click here for the Grade 6 skills to practice for angles (Geometry)

Click here to play Tangled Web (an angles game) on Manga High


eGames activity

Sheppard Software activity

KS2 Bitesize activity

Mangahigh activity

Math Playground


Hooray! Integers! If you’re not quite as excited about Integers, or are still a bit confused, you can click here for a very good explanation.

Decimal PreTest Link

Click here for the decimal pretest. Don’t forget, you’ll get another go once we have finished learning about decimals! Good luck! (Please remember to print it off once you have finished…)

Different Decimal Games

Here is a website with lots of different decimal activities: adding, subtracting, place value and more. Find what you’d like to practice…and practice it! Good luck!

‘Top Marks’ website decimal games

Another site with different decimal activities

Sheppard Software Decimals

More decimals here too, with models and visuals to show what decimals look like.

Decimal Balloon Pop Game

A fun decimal game. Tell Mr Logan your high score!


We’re starting off Term 3 with Co-ordinates in our Daily 4 Maths! Unfortunately, there are no appropriate Battleship games online to play. We’ll just have to play these…

Alphanumeric Coordinate Practice

Park – Treasure Hunt

Follow the clues to uncover all the locations in the Park.

XY Coordinate practice


Here’s a great coordinate game called Dino Dig. It uses a grid with X and Y coordinates to dig up dinosaur bones! Similar to Battleship.

 Taxi-Cab Treasure Hunt

This game uses coordinate skills on a map, with streets names instead of grid references. My record is 2 moves to find the treasure (I have proof), try and beat my record!

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