Subtracting Fractions

Watch this video and learn from the best in the business!


Multiplication – Term 2, 2018

I can remember watching this guy on the TV when I was at Primary School. His brain works

faster then a calculator…and he actually races people that are using calculators!

Check out the video here

Division (& Statistics)

Factors and Multiples Game – Make the longest chain you can!

Factor Game – Beat the computer (if you can…)

$$ Money $$

Let’s spend some money! Wait…how much change should I get? Before you get flashy and fancy using currency from another country, get confident with Australian Dollars first!

Maths is Fun – Money Masters game

The World of Maths

We had a visit from the World of Maths last week and the Grade 5/6 students found the puzzle activities interesting and challenging. Plenty of hands-on math materials to use and lots of problem solving!

Place Value

All the fun stuff to begin the year: number lines, place value games, comparing number sizes and playing Yahtzee!


Fractions! (Hooray, my favourite!)

Here is a game to help you practice Factors and Multiples.

Angles (not angels!)

We’ve just started our topic on angles. Here is a great game that will test your knowledge and skills on them.

Tangled Web – Manga High

Term 2, 2016

We have begun looking at Tessellations and transformations of 2D shapes!

Term 1

Coles Catalogue activity – click here

Term 4

Order of Operations

A good introduction to the order of operations process. The calculations are basic , this is because the focus is on completing the sum in the correct order.



New Shared Maths game – Integers Jeopardy!! Keep track of your high score!

Integers are just positive and negative numbers. But what happens when you subtract a negative number? Play this game to find out!


Click here for the Grade 6 skills to practice for angles (Geometry)

Click here to play Tangled Web (an angles game) on Manga High


eGames activity

Sheppard Software activity

KS2 Bitesize activity

Mangahigh activity

Math Playground


Hooray! Integers! If you’re not quite as excited about Integers, or are still a bit confused, you can click here for a very good explanation.

Decimal PreTest Link

Click here for the decimal pretest. Don’t forget, you’ll get another go once we have finished learning about decimals! Good luck! (Please remember to print it off once you have finished…)

Different Decimal Games

Here is a website with lots of different decimal activities: adding, subtracting, place value and more. Find what you’d like to practice…and practice it! Good luck!

‘Top Marks’ website decimal games

Another site with different decimal activities

Sheppard Software Decimals

More decimals here too, with models and visuals to show what decimals look like.

Decimal Balloon Pop Game

A fun decimal game. Tell Mr Logan your high score!


We’re starting off Term 3 with Co-ordinates in our Daily 4 Maths! Unfortunately, there are no appropriate Battleship games online to play. We’ll just have to play these…


Here’s a great coordinate game called Dino Dig. It uses a grid with X and Y coordinates to dig up dinosaur bones! Similar to Battleship.

 Taxi-Cab Treasure Hunt

This game uses coordinate skills on a map, with streets names instead of grid references. My record is 2 moves to find the treasure (I have proof), try and beat my record!

Bike Route

Help Inez find the shortest path on his bike. Requires good coordinate knowledge!

Coordinate Game

Boring name for a game, but tests your knowledge and understanding of X and Y coordinates.

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