Maker Education (S.T.E.M)

STEMart Projects – Term 2

These are the dot points you can use, to help you during the STEMart presentations. These are

just some ‘sentence starters’ to help you include the relevant and interesting details. We would like to hear all

about your highlights and low-lights during the past 10 weeks of STEMart.

Making the Woodford App with RMIT

Olivia and Caroline have been working with our Woodford students to create a Woodford App, which looks at the history of the area and uses augmented reality and location services. Here is a Vimeo they’ve created with the students: show your Mum and Dad!

Woodford App 2017 Vimeo – click here

Hummingbird Programming

In 5/6L we’re learning how to code using the hummingbird kits. It uses a similar programming code to Scratch, but we can add servos, lights and engines into it – and program those too!

Minecraft – Term 3

Just taking a few measurements of Jubilee Park, before we digitize it into our Woodford Minecraft Server. It keeps looking better and better!

ORIGAMI: the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.

Origami Expert video – take a look at what an expert in origami looks like!

Origami balloon procedure – have a go at creating this classic design…good luck!

Learning to Code!

In our 3-6 STEM electives, my group of future software designers have been learning to code, using the following websites to practice and learn!

Code Combat – can you code your way through the maze of obstacles?

Light Bot – light up all the tiles using simple code commands

Makey Makey

We’ve been looking at the Makey Makey’s again! Also, we’ve been trying to challenge and extend our use of the Makey Makey’s, beyond using fruit and scissors. Our goal this term, is to make an Interactive Classroom like in the following website. Click here to see it


Sphero can be programmed using an app called Tickle, which is very similar to coding with Scratch software. It’s very easy to pick up and get started.

How to use Sphero – Video #1 (with Tickle app)

How to use Sphero – Video #2 (with Tickle app)

If you don’t know what a Sphero is, watch this video

Term 1 – Computer Programming elective

The first stop on our road to computer programming excellence is

Education Week 2015

The Great Marble Drop Competition has begun. Watch these videos to get a few ideas:

Term 2 – Robotics/Drones (1/5/15)

Check out the new Lily Drone…give me some persuasive reasons of how we can use it and I’ll think about it.

Lily Drone video (youtube)

Model Rockets (5/3/15)

We have been constructing 2 types of model rocket, manufactured by Estes. They are the Heat Seeker II (projected altitude 267m) and the Chuter-Two (projected altitude 274m). We’ve been learning the basics of rockets and all the equipment.

rktflight rktparts flightprofile-1

Billy Carts (2/3/15)

We’ve spent 2 weeks designing our billy carts by looking at previous examples Woodford has made and also looking at designs on the internet. Any design choices needed to be justified.

We have since started construction! These are really starting to look like billy carts! Everyone is working well with their team members and learning new building skills, problem solving strategies and having fun!

IMG_1419 IMG_1421 IMG_1422 IMG_1423

Maker Education 2015 – Term 1

Monday elective choices: Billy-carts, Woodford News & Fine Arts

Thursday elective choices: Model rockets, Computer Programming, Lego Robotics


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